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Everyone becomes a little enchanted with shopping for dog supplies.  In fact, it is a multi-billion dollar industry.  To keep you from making a lot of the wrong decisions on products for your borzoi, I've included some of my favorite products that are available at,,,,, ​ Dollar Tree, or Winco and shopping list to print out.  Some first aid items are available at your local pharmacy/drug store. 

What you'll need to get started



dog bowl.jpeg



I recommend the 13 qt. size for home and the 6 quart for your crate.  I attach to the metal door crates using 2 to 3 double-sided snaps available at any hardware store and use a few carabiners and a snap to attach one to a soft-sided crate.  Use stainless steel food bowls.  The enameled bowls are adorable but they don't hold up to washing and the enamel will chip off.  Plastic bowls may leach petrochemicals into their food.  Ceramic breaks.

I use these #1 All Sytems pin brushes.  They now come in a variety of colors and are the best I've found.  There are more expensive ones from companies such as Chris Christenson but I have not found those to be better and the wooden handles are chew bait for the Borzoi.  

A metal "greyhound" comb in a fine/medium texture is also a necessary item for you tack box.  It gives the coat a smooth, finished look as well as a method for teasing out mats (on a DRY Borzoi)

Nail clippers

Nail Grinder
2-door Wire  Crates



Nail clippers - For puppies I use a regular (people) large nail clippers availble at any drug store.  Once they are larger, a bypass type nail clipper will be what you need.  I also use a Dremel style Nail Grinder, if you have one out in the shop, same thing.  They come with a pretty high grit sanding band, I sometimes get a heavier grit (not too heavy) to take off tough and longer nails.  

All the puppies come with dew claws (thumbs) intact.  I find it abhorrent to remove them though I know this is still practices through the world.  It is a little extra work to do an extra two toenails, but I think the humane factor is worth it.  I do recommend trimming the hair on the feet and and around those nails BEFORE you pull out the Dremel.

Martingale Collar

       Leather Leash

A Martingale-style collar is absolutely the only collar that will stay on a Borzoi.  The loop pictured here the ring attached, is what will tighten the collar around the dogs neck - but only so tight as you make it.  It will not choke them.  However, only purchase the kind with a clip buckle as if they do get caught, you need to be able to get it off of them.  Some of the buckles can be engraved with the dog's information.  I buy mine from vendors on Etsy.  There are hundreds of vendors and even more choices of fabrics, prints and colors.  Fancy collars with beads hanging down or engraving, whatever, will never show up an adult dog once their hair has come in.  And who would want to distract from that beauty?  

Always use a leather lead.  I like these as they are quite soft and supple.  They come in a variety of colors and here it keeps me organized as to which leash goes with which collar and which dog.  Always 6'.  Especially with a puppy, a 6' leash is critical.  That is the distance a balking or freaking out puppy needs to be from you.  I like the thinner leash and smaller buckle for a puppy, that won't be sturdy enough for an adult.  

A chain leash is forbidden!  A nylon web leash can really tear into your hand should your Borzoi suddenly try to take off after a a squirrel.  

I think having a dog crated in the car is a really good idea.  You wouldn't let a child ride without a car seat.  I realize that this is not always possible but then again, I find that many people purchase a different car that will accommodate one once they have a Borzoi.  Although many of mine are not, the two-door wire crate gives you more options as to where to place it in your home.  Always, 48". They do come in different heights so check before you buy.  Always always always get the folding version.  Trust me.  

A hard-sided plastic crate is also great in the house and allows for more privacy.  This will be their bedroom, not their prison.  If you plan to fly your Borzoi anywhere, you will need a hard-sided plastic crate that is AIRLINE APPROVED.  You will need metal screws though these days, those plastic ones are metal inside.  The airlines will only approve a crate that has air openings on all four sides.  

Knuckle Bone

              Dog Toys

 Knuckle Bones and others might be tasty, and they apparently they will keep your Borzoi's teeth nice and clean.  However, the downside is they may create what is called a "slab fracture" of their teeth and you'll wind up spending plenty at the dentist.  This is not a treat for a puppy.  Puppies should have branches from a soft wood tree (Mulberry, Poplar) or a sweet potato. 

All those cute dog toys will keep you spending your fortune.  Save that for your vet bills.  Unstuffies are great toys and you won't have kapok every where and especially inside your dog!  Another toy that actually will last is an "Invincible".  Other toys I avoid are the ones that crinkle. I hear that in the other room and assume they have gotten into something they shouldn't.  

Their favorite toy?  The cardboard box from Amazon.

Hamock Bed

                Soft Bed
Donut dog bed.jpg

The Kuranda Bed is the ONLY hammock bed I recommend.  Trust me, I've tried them all.  This is the only one they literally cannot destroy.  The replacement parts are easy to order should you ever had a dog chew through a corner or break this somehow.    

As to a soft bed, these are from Bessie and Barnie Bagel Beds and my dogs are crazy for them.  Worth every penny - but keep an eye on them in case your puppy decides it an extra large toy.

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