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A little bit about the Borzoi

The Borzoi is built for speed – in fact the very name embodies it. In Imperialist Russia, it was great sport for the landed gentry and aristocrats to gather on country estates for large hunting parties. They traded borzoi but primarily bred within their own kennels. Each of the large kennels in Russia produced line-bred dogs that were exemplary of their particular look. Head, color, size, coat – all blended in a unique way to signify a certain type or style.  You can find a complete description of the Borzoi in the following: The Borzoi Club of America Standard (as approved by the American Kennel Club) and the FCI (European) Borzoi Standard.


A "leash" of three Borzoi, matched in color and style, were slipped together to course hare, fox, stags and wolves. The dogs were bred with function in mind and their hare-shaped foot, streamlined structure, high set "rose" ears and flexible spines served to make them a first choice for hunting;  their elegant good looks and silky hair made them a favorite companion of the aristocracy not only in Russia but throughout Europe. 

Borzoi are not reliable off leash in an unfenced area. Because many of my dogs appear here off leash, I must explain that not all are reliable and only those that are, will accompany me on off-leash adventures. 


A description of the Hunt - 1885 (page 151)

More information on Borzoi



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